Wednesday, 19 December 2012


In October we created a poetry book for Philomena A’Herne. She wanted to print a book which contained the poetry of two of her family members – Gus and Bernadette A’Herne. We helped her decide on an order for the poems and worked with Philomena to write biographies for both Gus and Bernadette to go in the beginning of the book. Next we proofread the text, and Shaun did the typesetting.

Philomena wanted to call the book ‘Just Another Day’, after one of the poems that Gus had written, so we worked around this title to design the cover. Philomena requested that there were trees on the front cover, and we eventually settled on this photo.

We decided to put photos of Gus and Bernadette on the back cover. They were edited and cleaned up in Photoshop to blend in with the overall design of the book.

As there was a theme running through both Gus and Bernadette’s poems, Philomena decided she would like an illustration at the beginning of each section to reflect this. We decided on cogs for Gus’ poems and shells and ferns for Bernadette’s. We comissioned Terry Cooper to draw the images.


Once the book was finished we sent it off to the printers. We were very pleased with the final result and Philomena was too!

If you have a book that you’d like to print through Jelly Bean Books then please get in touch.

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